Long Island Tour -Selden Civic Association

The second week of the Ten Bucks and a Wish Book Tour took us down to my old stomping ground – Selden, Long Island, NY.
I spent most of my childhood in Selden, attending Bicycle Path School, Selden Jr. High, Newfield High School, and Suffolk Community College. I worked at Fish and Chips, then Genovese Drug Store, shopped at Penelope Jones, went to poetry readings at The Hobbit Hole, and snuck into the Yacht Club in my senior year. In my more pious moments, I attended St. Margaret of Scotland Church, where I made my sacraments.
We arrived on Thursday, with the Civic Meeting set for Thursday evening. We stayed at my cousin, Sue’s house, went to the meeting, which was held at the Selden Fire Department. Many thanks to Selden Civic President Bruce Morrison, for helping to arrange this event!

We also had an event set up at Cella Bagels in Selden, many thanks to Jimmy Rose and his brother for helping me set that up. Unfortunately… WE SOLD OUT OF BOOKS at the Selden Civic Association, so we had to cancel the event.

There were many reasons why I wanted to do a book signing at the Selden Civic Association meeting. Not only was it my home town, but it is where Ten Bucks and a Wish is set. Sort of.

Selden was once called Westfield, but in the 1800s when residents wanted to legally declare it Westfield and name their post office such, they learned there already was a Westfield in Upstate New York. So a prominent business man and politician decided to name the hamlet after himself. And so Westfield became known as Selden.

In Deanna Drake’s world, Selden is Olde Westfield, and two very real properties that were still untouched by development back in my day, are the center of the controversy that brings Deanna home to battle an old boyfriend, Michael McCord. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

Besides, this blog is about my tour!

So here are the photos of the Selden Civic Meeting, held at the Selden Fire Department, and the party we had at a local bar (in honor of Graffitti’s – the haunt Deanna and Cord loved so much)

So here are the photos … Hope you enjoy the trip as much as we did.

On the road again! Heading down to the Bridgeport- Port Jeff Ferry for the ride across the Long Island Sound. This is so much more pleasant than fighting potholes and traffic via the “Frogs Neck Bridge.” Just ask Dave about that.
Waiting on the ferry.
Cool shot of Bridgepo.rt, CT
Janina Grey Set Up at the Selden Fire Dept. in Selden, NY
My Hero.
J9 and Nicolai
Ten Bucks and a Wish Deanna can drink Cord under the table AND whip his butt at pool.
Dave and NIck
Besties For Ever – Jilly and Susanna
Janeeney and Crew
Jill and Dave
THIS is a SOD TRUCK. While practically unheard of upstate, where grass grows thick and lush, on Long Island there are Sod Farms. They grow grass, they cut it into blankets it, truck to a yard that doesn’t grow grass, lay it like flooring. Water. oila! a million dollar lawn.
First House I lived in after moving from the Bronx to Selden. (Elementary School)
Second House we lived in, in Selden- during Jr. high school.
3rd House we lived in, in Selden, during High School.
Bicycle Path Elementary School. I still remember my first and last days attending.
Mrs. Sanford – 3rd grade; Miss Johnson -4th grade;
Mr. Stevens- 5th Grade; Mr. Andersen- 6th Grade.
My Alma Mater.
St. Margaret of Scotland. Bittersweet. “God has other plans for you, my child.”
Sound Beach home, where we our two kids were born and raised until Ant was in 4th grade and Allie was 4 years old. Then we moved upstate where we are living happily ever after.
The property that was once listed as historic is now up for sale. this is where the home that inspired Ten Bucks and a Wish once stood on the corner
of Dare Road and Middle Country Road in Selden.
Janina Grey in front of Deanna Drakes homestead.
My hot hunky hubby hanging out with Nick by the pool after three weeks of crazy book touring and travelling to Long Island – twice.
The first time was two weeks earlier to see Foghat. That’s another blog.
I wear him out.
Jill’s world is filled with happily ever afters, lots of beautiful gardens, and love. Lots of love.
I love flowers. These are Jill’s.
Final night before we head back upstate to the rest of the tour. Good tunes, good friends,
life is awesome.
Heading north, back to Herkimer, on the ferry while crossing Long Island Sound.
I never get tired of this view.

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