Gerber’s 1933 Tavern, Utica

The Ten Bucks and a Wish Book Tour Opening Weekend continued at Gerber’s 1933 Tavern, in Utica, hosted by the very kind and supportive Mark Mojave.

The event was SRO literally! with people filling all the tables and comfy chairs. Friends and family gathered to celebrate and it really was everything I hoped it would be. Drinks, hors d’oeuvres, cake, good music, and great company made everything perfect!

Looking forward to working with Mr. Mojave in the future with other book release parties! Thank you, Mark and Susan, for your support and graciousness!

Janina Grey (Me!) about to set up at Gerber’s!
Me and the Fan Fam! (L-R) Brett, Allie Rose, Anthony, me, and the love of my life, David.
My sis, Jeana, helped me prepare and plan for everything. Here we are shocked and awed as Mark turned on the radio and Landslide played. Landslide is the tune we relate to our sister Janie, who passed in 2007. Whenever something is going on that song plays as if she is saying, “I’m here, too.” Thanks, Janie, for showing up. And thanks, Jeana for being the counter balance of a landslide – ROCK SOLID whenever I need you.
Me and Keycey celebrating Ten Bucks! Thanks, Keycey for being there for me!
Ant and Serge chilling out at Gerbers.
Allie and Brett waiting for the festivities to begin.
Me and my sis, Joy, celebrating the release of my first book! Thanks, for joining us, Joy!
Stealing some lovin’ from my first born.
#1 fan base – what a great surprise! Thank you, ladies, you rock!
Long time friends, Debbie and Janet
And what’s a celebration without CAKE! (From Hannaford’s in Herkimer!)
A lot of old friends came out to support me. Thanks, Deb! You are awesome.
Me and the original members of Grey’s Groupies!
Anthony and his grandpa and grandma! Thanks for being there for me!
Hope you had a good time!
Longtime Family Friend Frank and my hubby, David. Thanks for making the trek, Frank!
Anthony and our longtime friend Terry.
Thanks for coming and for supporting me and my first book release ever!
Serge and my best bro, Dennis. Thanks for the lovin’ guys!
Me and my sistah from another mistah, Holly!
Wouldn’t have been a perfect day if you hadn’t been there to celebrate with us!
The end to a perfect day. Thank you, Mark, for everything!

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