So, this is where I introduce myself and give  you a glimpse of what my life is like in the hopes that we might click and you might decide that what I offer is worthy of your time.

I’m a lover. I’m a writer. I love writing about true love and happily ever afters. You will find no sad endings here.

I believe that there is someone for everyone. I also believe we should never give up in searching for true love. It might take a few tries, but if you hold on to hope, and if you never settle for less than you deserve, you will live out your happily ever after with your soulmate.

It took relocating from Long Island to Upstate New York back in 2002 for me to find my one true love. The road I traveled was not just asphalt and tolls, but heartache, sadness, rebuilding, reconnecting, and most importantly, transformation and growth.

Then one day, he appeared. And life has never been the same.

My stories are about learning from life lessons, transformation, growth, celebrating life, and finding true love. So until your soulmate comes along, why not celebrate love with my stories?

I’ve recently released the second book in the Earth and Sky Series, LIFE IS FOR LIVING. I’m currently working on my fourth contemporary romance novel (LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM), which is the third book in the Earth and Sky Series.

LOVE IN THE FOREST is the first book in the Earth and Sky Series, and my second published romance with Soul Mate Publishing.

TEN BUCKS AND A WISH is my very first published romance, released in April, 2019 by Soul Mate Publishing.

I have been writing ever since I could hold a crayon, with many of those years spent as a journalist, columnist, communications specialist, editor, poet, and creator of erotic short stories and poetry. I write because I am alive, and it is as vital to me as air, food, and water.

So come on in, have a look around, and be a part of this adventure I call love.

After you get settled, take the time to share your happily ever after with me.

Welcome to my world!

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