Janina Grey Romances – WIPs

Nothing is black and white when it comes to love.
Sometimes it’s grey.
Janina Grey.

LACED IN YOUR LEATHER (Contemporary Romance)

CASEY’S PLACE (Jazz Age Romance)

PRAIRIE WIND (Historical Americana Romance)

THE WRONG SIDE (Contemporary Romance)

IN THE NAME OF LOVE series (Time Travel/Contemporary Romance)

…but never broken


A spin-off from the Earth and Sky Series, LACED IN YOUR LEATHER brings a bit of Sedona to the Adirondacks when Brose Morgan is hired on to care for the horses in a new business venture put forth by Josh and Brooke Quinn (Earth and Sky’s LOVE IN THE FOREST).

Brooke’s long time friend, Mandy, has spent the last year losing her heart in Manhattan, and has come home to the mountains to heal her wounds. In desperate need of employment, she accepts a temporary position as equine therapist until Brooke can hire someone especially skilled in that field.

The only problem is that Mandy is petrified of horses, and Brose doesn’t find that one bit amusing.


When a young woman seeks independence in the city at the turn of the century, she finds herself caught between worlds as she sings for the church choir on Sundays and performs in a speakeasy by night.


Being unmarried at 25 in the 1850s would make most women panic. Not Katie Wellington. Determined to die an old maid, Katie has repeatedly refused her father’s choices for a suitable husband. Despite his constant reminders that being a useless daughter brings him nothing but grief and worry, she thwarts every request for her hand in marriage.

When at last financially strapped farmer can no longer handle his daughter’s wild ways, he puts his foot down and sells her off to the highest bidder. Katie finds herself moving westward with her arranged marriage husband, the financially secure, charismatic, evil local pastor who’s been molesting Katie since she was a 15 years old.

A fit of defiance nearly costs Katie her life until the one boy who broke her heart at sixteen shows up. Now a grown man, Jesse Morgan is ready to fight for the woman he loves.