Favorite Mugs Reflect My Mood

Do you have a favorite mug? My husband, David, always seems so surprised when it comes to that change-of-season time to rearrange my coffee mugs. I don’t understand. I have my seasonal dishes (which also confuses him), so why wouldn’t I have seasonal mugs?

I explained it this morning by telling him I have a mug for every mood. He replied, “No, you have a mug for every minute.”

So, that got me wondering. Who else has favorite coffee or tea mugs?

There are my ‘’I’m a writer and I’m writing at the moment’ mugs. My favorite is the one emblazoned with “Central New York Romance Writers” on one side and “My hero can kick your hero’s butt” on the other. Guess who my hero is? My Sixth-Degree Black Belt husband, David. Even though he doesn’t understand my mug collection (obsession)!

There are my magical mugs, when I’m feeling witchy (that’s my other life!). My current favorite is the one with a witch flying on a broom on one side, and a topaz crescent moon on the other. Then there is the Peanuts gang mug, which my awesome children Anthony and Allie gave me a few Yules ago. That has Schroeder banging away ferociously on his piano- an artist caught up in the passion of creativity. (Like me.)

Those are my top three – out of about a collection of 50 or so- mugs. We have Yuletide mugs, springtime mugs, autumn mugs, and even every day mugs. The only type of mug we don’t really collect are the mugs that boast of places we’ve been.

Who else collects mugs? Share a picture of your mug in the comments. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

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