Author Status Confirmed!

My GoodReads Author Status is Official!
Remember those song lyrics, “My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”? Well. I need shades.
This journey has been so much fun even though it’s been demanding. I’m scared to death people will read my book and ask, “What is this crap?” But that is normal, I’ve been told repeatedly.
The marketing is totally stressing me out. Every day I’m wondering if I’m doing it right.
But then the baby steps kick in and there I go, moving forward, thinking, “I got this!”
My most recent baby step/fumble took place yesterday, when I thought I had achieved author status on I didn’t even know my book was listed there! So, when I realized I was, I created my profile and voila! I thought I had an author page.
Nope. I had taken that baby step. And then fell on my butt.
It was only when my friend Lesley pointed out that that is not an author page (Very discreetly and compassionately, I might add), that I fixed things and applied for Author Status. Another baby step!
This morning, amidst all my running around, I quickly checked email and there it was! I received notification that I am now officially an Author on Goodreads! Woohoo!!!
My site can be found by going to and searching for either Ten Bucks and a Wish or Janina Grey. Follow me and say hi!
So. Here’s my blog celebrating another baby step forward on my journey. I thought you all would like to celebrate with me.
I will be drinking a big glass of Mead later with my friends to celebrate Spring, birthdays, and achieving life goals.
After all, life is for living, and I’m living it!

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