Ten Bucks and a Wish Release Date Announced!

Let the celebration begin! But keep in mind, this is only the beginning.

Soul Mate Publishing has announced an April 24 Release Date for my first Romance Novel – Ten Bucks and a Wish!
To order your copy go to Amazon.com and type in “Ten Bucks and a Wish” or “Janina Grey.”
You will be able to reserve your copy as a pre-sale for delivery on April 24.
Hard copies of books are printed on demand, and that option will be available also.

Thank you to everyone who believed in me. We did it.

I have spent years crafting my stories, and this is the first to be published. It took lots of hard work, a ton of rewrites, and a whole bunch of eyes on it. I labored over every word, every scene, and I could probably still find things I want to change. But there comes a time when we have to let our babies go.

Deanna and Cord have been waiting a long time to tell their story and have their happily-ever-after.

Be a part of their journey and share the love.

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