Reconnecting With My Tribe

I’m a hugger and a writer. So it’s with great pleasure I can say that this week has been filled with both hugging and writing. Lots of both!

This last week has been spent reconnecting with my writing tribe, and it has been like returning home after a long journey. There are new faces and a few familiar faces. And lots of hugs. I like hugs.

Central New York Romance Writers first came into my life back in 2004. I had never even dreamed of publishing the four novels I had written for fun back when I lived on Long Island. I was looking for other writers to connect with, who liked to write and read Romance. That first meeting changed my life forever.

From CNYRW I found confidence, spirit, my “Voice,” the Herkimer Diamonds, Thistle Dew, and friends I didn’t know I had. It also helped me understand that getting published did not have to be a dream, that it could be a goal that with work and perseverance could be accomplished.

Coming back to my Writing Tribe officially began last week with a writers retreat at Thistle Dew. Thistle Dew is a bed and breakfast run by my longtime friend, fellow writer, and Herkimer Diamond critique partner, ALee Drake. Together with four other writers, I eased my way back into the writing world I had been missing since I took a step back in 2014 to focus on other aspects of life.

We wrote from the early morning hours until late at night. We shared meals and wine and chocolate. They fed me a full menu of wisdom, guiding me from course to course beginning with blog writing, websites, branding, the importance of daily contact, and a whole other buffet of delectable tidbits.

For dessert Saturday night, we served up a decadent platter of ghost stories and spirit-searching. We were just like a bunch of Girl Scouts noshing down on a platter of s’mores around a campfire. It was a great bonding experience, filled with lots of laughter and great memories.

That week-long time frame was completed yesterday, when I attended my first CNYRW meeting since November 2014. I was so nervous. But when I got there I was welcomed with open arms and even received chocolate for my recent accomplishments. (I joined CNYRW/RWA, I attended a writers retreat, and I am publishing Ten Bucks through Soul Mate next month.)

Without friends like ALee, Bill, Molly, and Holly (who stayed in my life even when my writing persona took a vacation) I would not have had the confidence to come back to CNYRW. If it were not for Soul Mate Publishing, and my publisher Debby, and the great crew there helping me get my book in order, I would never have come to this point in my life.

So with this said, here’s to getting this website in order, so I can focus on the monthly goal I set at yesterday’s meeting.

Thank you to everyone who just read this blog, and who has decided to come into my life. For your effort, here’s a … HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

Check out CNYRW at
And check out Thistle Dew, Remsen, NY B&B on Facebook.

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