It’s time to stop hiding

LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM coming May 17!

May 17 marks the release of LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM—the third book in my EARTH and SKY Series published by Soul Mate Publishing.

While Jack and Liza give us a steamy hot and sizzling love story, the book is about so much more.

It’s about recognizing dreams, turning them into goals, embracing life, being brave, and not taking NO for an answer when the Universe shuts a door.

After struggling with cancer at age 23, Liza Purkypile hid away for years in her parents home, too afraid to live. A fifth generation Purkypile, Liza never dreamed of leaving the village her great-greats settled in Upstate New York.

Then one day, on a whim, maybe she was feeling brave, maybe claustrophobic (pink bedrooms with white provincial hand-me-down furniture can be a bit suffocating), she applied for a photographer’s position at Earth and Sky Retreats.


Jack Issa, aptly nicknamed THE APPLE OF THE BIG APPLE’S EYE, had it all. A hot Rockette Wife, a fantastic career on Broadway performing with the world reknown THUMP! musical troupe, and a future filled with travel, success, and fame.

It all came crashing down during a THUMP! dress rehearsal when he fell two stories off scaffolding set up for a 9/11 memorial concert in Manhattan. He lost his wife to his best friend and co-Thump!er, he lost his job, he lost everything he thought he was.

Once he was able to walk again, Jack ran to the Adirondack Mountains, never wanting to deal with people again.

And then he met Liza Minelli Purkypile and totally forgot his vow to never fall in love again.

LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM is the third book in the Earth and Sky Series, following Book 1, LOVE IN THE FOREST, and Book 2, LIFE IS FOR LIVING.

If you love contemporary romance, this series is for you. It’s got a slight paranormal twist to it, and offers a glimpse into life of real every day witches and the types of experiences they consider ‘normal.’ (Normal. Isn’t that all relative anyway?)

Check out my other books at, and grab them all for free on Kindle Unlimited!

If you prefer print, you can head over to Barnes and Noble as well, and grab your copies there!

What’s your story? When did you say ‘not today’ when Life threw you a curveball?

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