Four Years, Four Books

April 24, 2023 is the fourth anniversary of the launch of my very first romance with Soul Mate Publishing—TEN BUCKS AND A WISH. I will never forget that day. I remember wishing I’d taken off, but when I got to work I was met by a co-worker who excitedly showed me she’d purchased my book online. My first official purchase!

At 56 years old, I became a published author. At 58 years old, I was accepted into a Masters program. At 44 years old I met the love of my life. At 60 years old I am working out at the gym, planning on hiking and kayaking more than ever this summer.

DO NOT EVER limit yourself by your age. DO NOT EVER SAY “I’m too old.”

We can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it.

There were flowers waiting on my desk and a notice and card congratulating me on my first release.

I was able to leave early, only to find I had another surprise waiting for me in the parking lot.

My battery in my car was dead. So I waited for Geico to come give me a jump, then home I went to check and recheck and recheck my Amazon sales. I did a question and answer session on Facebook, to which no one showed up. When David got home, we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant, Ocean Blue, where I proceeded to hand out business cards and freebies to anyone who would listen to the phrase, “We’re celebrating the release today of my very first published romance!”

It’s been a wild ride. Four Books in Four Years.

June 21, 2021, LOVE IN THE FOREST, Book 1 of the Earth and Sky Series was released.

April 27, 2022, LIFE IS FOR LIVING, Book 2 of the Earth and Sky Series was released.

This year, on May 17, 2023, LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM is set to be released.

Many people ask me how I do it when they learn I work full time.

During the pandemic I developed a rigorous routine. I had to make sure I didn’t blur the lines between work and personal time. At first I didn’t know how to work at home. I kept my work phone on at all times. I kept my work email open at all times. I was burning out.

Then I converted Anthony’s old bedroom into my work office, and we converted the reading room down stairs into my Janina Grey office. After that, blurring the lines was history.

I’m usually up by 6 a.m., and that is when I get my best writing done. I wear my Janina Grey hat until about 8/8:30, then I shower quickly and I’m ready to put on my Y-hat. Friday afternoons I’m usually done with my day job, and so I’ll get a nice chunk of time there to write and/or market.

If I’m on deadline, or doing First or Second Edits, or completing the final read through of the ARC, I’ll grab any time I can. Lunch breaks, while dinner cooks, after dinner while David is watching his shows. Sometimes if I can’t sleep in the middle of the night I’ll curl up with my laptop in front of the fireplace on the couch and my characters will keep me company.

I’ve written in restaurants, doctor’s waiting offices, in the car, camping, on the beach, on retreats. Anywhere I can bring my lappie, you might find me tapping away on the keyboard.

The writing is the fun part. They characters tell me what I need to know.

The blogging, the newsletters, ordering merch to give away—all that is fun. The hardest part is marketing, promoting, getting people to write reviews, getting the word out that I’ve got great stories to tell, and you will love them.

So yeah, as I wind down the anniversary of my first book launch, I continue counting the days til my fourth launch – the release of LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM/Book 3 of the Earth and Sky series on May 17th.

May be I will get flowers. Maybe I will get a dead battery. All I know is that the fourth is as exciting as the first, and . . . I cannot wait for you to meet Jack and Liza!

Thank you to everyone for supporting me in this journey. The book tours, the pre-sales, the give aways . . . all of it has been a blast, and it wouldn’t be possible without any of you!

Love you all!
Peace out!

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