The Week of Empowered Successful Women!

I saw a post recently about surrounding yourself with women you look up to, so that you can be inspired. I’m all for building up and supporting the women in my life who have made it in one way or another.

Beginning Sunday, April 24, this week for me is a week of recognizing the Empowered Women in my life who have chosen to share my journey. I invite you to come along and enjoy the week-long celebration!

The celebration began on Sunday with my sister Jeana hosting me me on her blog – Standing all of 5 feet 2 inches, Jeana is the embodiment of kick ass. At 50 years old she not only earned her Bachelors’ Degree, she secured a job teaching full-time, and had spent the previous 18 years raising her two sons as a Single Mom. She is amazing and inspires me daily.

Tuesday, April 26, my future daughter-in-law and very talented silversmith and owner of NURTURED BY NATURE DESIGNS, Jolene Deanna Pierce, is releasing her next collection of jewelry. In honor of my upcoming release, Jo has named this collection “Life is for Living” after the book that inspired her, LIFE IS FOR LIVING, Book 2 of my Earth & Sky series.

If you all remember, Jolene honored me with the release of my first book of the Earth and Sky Series, LOVE IN THE FOREST, with a similarly named collection of jewelry she lovingly handcrafted herself.

Here’s some very cool news for you! This partnership has come to life in so many ways. It seems Jo has set up shop within the Earth & Sky Series with a brick and mortar shop in the heart of the fictional village Demilune, NY, where the stories are based. It’s where Josh Quinn shopped for Brooke in LOVE IN THE FOREST, and where Dan and Jayde’s love story unfolds.

Then WEDNESDAY, April 27 we have my release of BOOK TWO of the Earth and Sky Series, LIFE IS FOR LIVING! So far reviewers are saying FANTASTIC things about this story, so I just KNOW you all are going to love this one as much as you loved LOVE IN THE FOREST and TEN BUCKS AND A WISH!

This week ends (but the fun really begins) with the Launch of my 2022 Earth and Sky Book Tour, with Alabaster and Ash of Remsen, NY hosting my first event! Owner, Daniee, is a power house fit to stand beside myself, Jeana, and Jo, with the healing and teaching mecca she has established in the heart of Oneida County, just 20 minutes north of Utica, NY.

Joining me at my table on Saturday, April 30, will be a former YWCA MV co-worker, Donna Lambert, who has also ventured out into the field of publishing as a contributing author of My Secret Life. Donna will be on hand selling copies of her book, and will stand beside me as one more amazing, empowered woman I surround myself in this lifetime.

Need motivation or affirmation that it’s okay to heal? Join us April 30th and celebrating strong women, both real and fictional.

So if you find yourself needing empowerment, or if you are empowered yourself and want to meet like-minded women, discover a really cool shop, and pick up your next favorite romance novel, head on down to the April 30th Book Signing and share in my celebration.

If you can’t make it, be sure to visit and pick up LIFE IS FOR LIVING, LOVE IN THE FOREST, and TEN BUCKS AND A WISH to meet the empowered women in my stories who overcome all the obstacles in their lives to do the healing they need to do to trust their hearts and find true love.

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