LIFE IS FOR LIVING/Book 2 of the Earth and Sky Series

LOVE IN THE FOREST Book 1 of Earth and Sky Series now available!
LIFE IS FOR LIVING (Bk 2) Soon to be released!
LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM (Bk 3) due out later in the year!

In preparing for the release of LIFE IS FOR LIVING, Book 2 of the Earth and Sky series, I am beginning to feel the labor pangs I thought would fade away by the time I published my third book.

They’re stronger than ever. Second round edits are done. Cover Art Form is completed. Book blurb, hook, and taglines are submitted.

I’ve started designing promo items, marketing memes, signing up for guest blogs, and planning book tour locations.

It never gets dull, but I wonder will it always be this magical?

This time around I’m trying something new. I’ve created playlists of the music that got me through the writing process and sharing them on Youtube.

I miss Dan and Jayde (Barefoot Dan and Lilac Locks) and the times we had together and the memories we made, and then I realize they are my characters and I worry, am I losing it finally?

But no, I’m not. Those labor pangs are not as painful as when I gave birth to my flesh and blood babies, but the process of releasing this baby into the world is as real and emotional.

So as I prepare for the birth of LIFE IS FOR LIVING I may not be knitting socks or blankets or painting a nursery, but I’m as excited and can’t help but wonder what it will look like and will everyone love it as much as I do?

Book One, LOVE IN THE FOREST can be purchased on Amazon, Soul Mate Publishing, and Barnes and Noble. Grab it and fall in love with Brooke and Josh and Barefoot Dan and the rest of the Earth & Sky crew while you wait for Dan’s story to be released.

Also, check out my Youtube channel (It’s still in the newborn nursing phase) and listen to the music that guided me through LIFE IS FOR LIVING and that’s keeping LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM (Book 3) on track for release later this year!

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