Reading with the Best of the Best

Join me in reading these #1 choices suggested by the authors themselves!

I’m not reading enough. Between working full time, taking care of the house, chores, cooking, SLEEP, not to mention seeing friends and family on occasion, AND writing, marketing, researching, and taking trainings, by the time I get to pick up a book for enjoyment I’m falling asleep. I’m usually curled up in bed, just before midnight, on my side with my tablet or a book clutched precariously in my hands as I doze off after scouring a few paragraphs which will no doubt need to be re-read the next night.

That is about to change.

For 2022, my gift to myself is reading time, with absolutely no responsibilities attached to it. For the most part.

Each month, I will highlight the author and book listed in the image above. I will provide their website, link to their book, and an image of the book itself. When I’m finished, I will do a review and rating both on my website, and at the review site of their choice (probably amazon).

But for now, here is the information I’ve collected. Thanks to all the authors who participated. I’m so looking forward to reading your favorite works.

To my readers, check out the list, check out the authors. Drop by their pages, give a shout out, buy their books. Most of all, keep reading!

Have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!


Saving Grace by Elizabeth Doherty


River Magic by M.A. Phillips


The Witch’s Child by Corinne Fergason


The Apple Blossom Cafe by Emma Cane


Do or Diner by Christine Wenger


Can’t Outrun Destiny By Patricia Antone


The Serpent in the Stone by Nicki Greenwood


Secret Vows by Mary Reed McCall


Made for Each Other by Char Chaffin


Valley of Secrets by Kari Lee Townsend


The Knotted Cord by Jessica Trainham


Take Three by Gay Ann Collins Kiser

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