Happy Halloween!

While we don’t celebrate Samhain until the actual astrological date (this year it is November 6), and our kids are all grown, and we live in the country so we haven’t ever had a Trick or Treater come to our house for candy, we do still celebrate the season. Ever since we moved to the Valley, I’ve spent Halloween with my sister and nephews.

Every year we go down to my sister who lives in the village and we get to have fun with the Trick or Treaters who visit her house. This year my nephew and his girlfriend joined us, and we had a lot of fun scaring the kids and adults alike. It’s a tradition as strong as Thanksgiving, and as long as she’s lived in the village we never missed one. We’d get pizza and beer or wine and dress the kids up head on down for a quick bite to eat then we’d hit the streets with the kids. When mine got old enough to go alone, I had the honor of walking with Jeana and the Boys. Now the boys are grown and my kids have moved away. But we still get crazy on Halloween.

For many, the Halloween season ends after Halloween. But for us, this season of honoring our Dead begins on October 1 and doesn’t end until the day after Samhain. After Halloween at Jeana’s, we came home and hosted our annual Dumb Supper. We did not have one last year, and this year we cut the guest list by about 80%, but it was still quite lovely. I’ll post those pics another day.

So here are some pics of the Halloween shenanigans we got up to at Jeana’s – after she made me my first ever Moscow Mule. Thank you, Jeana, for giving us a place to go to celebrate the spooky and zany goings on of the season! I love you!

Me and my adorable baby Sis.
Kylie and Matt’s Crazy Aunt Neenie!
She has the most blood curdling scream. She sent children running from their parents and tripping over their own feet.
And one kid even bled. Dang, she was good!
Kylie and Matt
Kylie and Matt, the Joker 😀 (Why so serious?)
The Hostess with the Mostess and my Beloved Bat Hubby!

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