The Wild Scavenger Hunt … is on!

Signature piece of the LOVE IN THE FOREST collection
by Nurtured by Nature Designs.
Valued at $150, you can win this by entering The Wild Scavenger Hunt.

What is The Wild Scavenger Hunt? It’s a way to win cool prizes AND help me celebrate my latest release with Soul Mate Publishing, LOVE IN THE FOREST, Book 1 of the Earth and Sky Series.

I was receiving so much wonderful feedback about how everyone loved Josh and Brooke and wished they could visit Earth and Sky Retreats, and how they wished there was a dating site like

Well, as a writer, I can only do so much. I can’t afford to open a retreat like Earth and Sky, but I can do my best to bring it to my readers. So I created a line of Earth and Sky Merch so you can drink coffee out of an Earth and Sky mug along with the rest of the Earth and Sky crew.

I also enlisted the aid of my talented and amazing future daughter-in-law, Jolene, who is an AMAZING silversmith and makes the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. I featured her online shop in the Earth and Sky Series, and made it brick and mortar shop in the (fictitious) town of Demilune, NY. Can you guess by the name which actual New York town I used as inspiration for Demilune? Sending me the answer to will get you an entry to win that fabulous necklace pictured above!

After reading the book, Jo was inspired to create the piece Josh gives Brooke. She made two-I have one and one of my lucky readers will win the second, pictured above. Lucky me! and hopefully, lucky you!

There are other prizes, and more to come. Here are a few I’ve collected already:

Here’s some of the prizes you can win in The Wild Scavenger Hunt!

All you have to do for a chance to win any of this (and more) is download the 25 quests in The Hunt. Some of them require purchases, but many do not. You can enter simply by sharing posts and sending me your email so I can keep track of entries and so I can contact you when you win! I promise I won’t use your info for spam or share it with anyone. I promise. If you do sign up for my newsletter, I will be sending you newsletters when I publish them.

So start checking off your Scavenger Hunt list today, share my posts, send me piccies of you holding the items requested, and have some fun as we celebrate my release of the Earth and Sky Series.

To help you start off, here is a sample of the LOVE IN THE FOREST collection by Nurtured by Nature Designs. Aren’t they beautiful?? Visit Jo’s page and you get another entry into The Hunt. Buy a piece and it’s a double win, you get a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear AND an entry into The Hunt! It’s that easy!

Have fun shopping at Nurtured by Nature Designs!

Jump on the train that leads to Earth and Sky Retreats in Demilune, NY by grabbing your own copy of LOVE IN THE FOREST, available at the following locations:

Barnes and Noble Keep in mind, if you are buying from there are second hand sellers who will reap all the profits. So if you see the print copy for more than $15.99 at amazon, that’s a second hand seller.
Better to buy the print version from Barnes and Noble, and the digital or KU copies from

So, there we are. Have fun getting to know Brooke and Josh and the rest of the Earth and Sky gang! And good luck in the Scavenger Hunt!

We will be holding the drawing on the Autumn Equinox. So get your quests in and join in on the fun!

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