Music of the Rising Sun

Listen to the actual song of the Sun at:

*Music of the Rising Sun*

In the early morning silence,
rising sun casts crystalline shadows
over shimmering snow.
permeates wooden floors,
frosted windows,
aging walls.
I sip coffee, reading,
subconsciously listening
to the Music of the Rising Sun.
It weaves around me,
a rhythmic beating
mingled with the rhythmic breathing
of my sleeping cats,
keeping time with Mom’s old clock
clicking, ticking minutes away.
It beckons me softly,
on invisible waves
of sound.
Ebbing and flowing.
Ebbing and flowing.
Rising and falling.
Cascading softly.
When I finally notice…
I crook my head and listen.
Refocused on my reading,
my heart listens again.
The music pulses
like strains of violins
In the far off distance.
It builds and lulls,
builds and lulls.
I struggle not to notice,
enraptured by its beauty.
My subconscious
sings along
in the early morning silence.

Janine Phillips


After I wrote this poem this morning, I decided to research a bit to see if there were sounds recorded in the Universe that might match what I heard. I listened to a number of NASA recordings of the planets, some similar. Some not. Then I thought… does the Sun make sound?

And what I found most closely represents what I heard this morning as the Sun was rising.

So in essence, I heard an early morning Sun Symphony. I also read that Sun sounds sound like a heart beat. And that is what this tone was doing.

I am humbled and awe inspired at the same time.

This recording is the closest sound I could get to what I heard. The steady tone in the background, not the Om sound, but the more musical sound.…

Blessed be all that is and all that shall be in the Universe.

Ommmmmmmmmmm.             Namaste.

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