Exciting Contest Info Coming Your Way

These are exciting times and I want you to be a part of this amazing journey I’m on!

Not only is my second romance up for Pre-Sale with a release date of June 2, but we’ve got fun ways to celebrate this exciting occasion.

In addition to getting to read a great Adirondack Mountains love story about Brooke Meadows and Josh Quinn, you get to meet the Earth and Sky team who will be telling their own stories down the road.

You’ll also get a free THANK YOU gift from me, and a chance to enter an upcoming contest to win a unique Nurtured by Nature Designs piece of jewelry based off a scene from LOVE IN THE FOREST.

So, pre-order your copy of LOVE IN THE FOREST today, send a copy of your confirmation to janinagreycontests@gmail.com and I will send you a free gift. You will also be on your way to securing your place in a raffle that will be drawn after LOVE IN THE FOREST goes to print, later this summer!

Annnnnnd … If you haven’t read my first Soul Mate Publishing romance TEN BUCKS AND A WISH yet, check it out. If you order from me I will send you an autographed hard copy and a free thank you gift and an entry into the contest.

If you order it from AMAZON (print/digital) and send the confirmation or copy of purchase to janinagreycontests@gmail.com you will get a free thank you gift from me and another entry into the upcoming raffle to win the Nurtured by Nature signature LOVE IN THE FOREST piece of jewelry.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming release of LOVE IN THE FOREST and exciting ways to celebrate with me and win jewelry from Nurtured by Nature Designs!

Stay safe!

In love & light,

Janina Grey

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