Cover Reveal!

Shortly before TEN BUCKS AND A WISH was released, I asked my publisher if she would be interested in anything else from me. She asked what I had and I’d told her that I had a few books I’d previously written over a decade before that would need to be cleaned up and updated, and that they were paranormal/time travel and historical/western.

She was looking for Contemporary Romance.

So, while I was at a Thistle Dew Writers Retreat hosted by romance author ALee Drake in April, 2019, I pulled out my Tarot and did a few readings about characters and a story plot. And Love in the Forest was born. I had it nearly finished by October, 2019, but then family trauma hit. By the time I had recovered enough to catch my breath from that. . . Hello, COVID.

It took me half the year to deal mentally and emotionally from the family trauma and the worldwide pandemic, but by August, the characters stepped up and finished telling their story. And my LOVE IN THE FOREST manuscript was completed and contracted out to Soul Mate Publishing.

And it’s a good one! I cannot wait for you to meet Brooke and Josh, Barefoot Dan and Alyssa, and the rest of the Earth and Sky crew!

So it is with great pleasure, I share with you now, the cover of my upcoming release. Stay tuned for a few excerpts as we share pre-sale information in preparation of our June 2021 release date!

Many thanks to my cover artist, Ramona Lockwood, who also designed the cover for my first Soul Mate romance, TEN BUCKS AND A WISH. The cover for LOVE IN THE FOREST is exactly how I envisioned it as I was writing Brooke and Josh’s story. Great Job, Ramona!

Thanks also goes out to Cheryl Yeko, the editing staff, and most especially, my publisher Deborah Gilbert, for making this all happen. AGAIN!

So now, here we go! Drum roll, please…..

Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date – June, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey since TEN BUCKS AND A WISH. And for those who are just joining us now, thank you! If you’ve not read TEN BUCKS AND A WISH, you can grab it at Amazon by clicking the link below!

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