Morning Gratitude

This morning, as I sit here at my desk writing and drinking my coffee, I’m overwhelmed with all of the blessings in my life. Crows outside munching on trail mix, David doing weekly bills and hanging out with me in our warm, toasty house with the snow falling outside — all make for a great morning. Add to this beautiful morning my two amazing kids who love me beyond fault and constantly inspire me to be my best, my superwoman sis who keeps laughter and love in my life, a chosen family and blood family who love me unconditionally, best friends abounding near and far, a great job with a great agency, now two published books (!?!) with Soul Mate Publishing, Forevermore our Teardrop, my health (thank the Gods), and a spiritual path that makes my heart sing, my body dance, and my soul heal . . . I give thanks to the Universe for all of my blessings and the abundance in my life.

2021 started off rough, which was disheartening because we had so many hopes for a better year after 2020 pummeled us.
The year started off with my third cancer diagnosis (this time it was Uterine Cancer). My January 4 surgery got it all, according to the wonderful Dr. Adelson out of St. Joseph’s in Syracuse.

As we recovered from that, in the first week of February my mother-in-law, Lauretta Phillips, passed away. We had to take some downtime to regroup from both of these hits, and thankfully we are blessed with jobs that took care of us and gave us the time we needed to heal.

And with that behind us, goodness started presenting. It’s important to understand that we have the choice to find the goodness, or focus on the dark times. I call the goodness that manifests during the hard times ‘Dark Blessings.’

We can choose to focus on the doom and gloom that sometimes seems to be all around us. Or we can focus on the positive, and live a life of gratitude and hope that everything is going to be okay, no matter what.

So this morning, I am choosing to acknowledge the beautiful, blessed, abundant life I live.

Have a great day, everyone! Stay safe, healthy, and warm.

And remember that Springtime is just a few weeks away!

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