Five-Star Review!

First Review In!
I have had a week of elation, filled with surreal moments and lots of “am I dreaming?” conversations in my head.
But this morning the level of elation amped up just a bit more!
I received my FIRST review on – and it came in with flying colors!!! Well, it came in in yellow, in the form of yellow stars.
I was dreading this review thing. But now that I’ve gotten this one, I can focus on sending Ten Bucks and a Wish out to review sites to see what they come up with.
It’s my first book. And I hear so many authors say, “The first book always sucks.” I would like to think mine doesn’t, but I’m sure all first-time published authors think that! At first.
So, anyway. As part of my intent to share this amazing journey with you, here is my five-star review!

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