Just One Week Away…

In just one week I will officially be a published author whose book people will actually be reading! This has been a long journey, filled with all kinds of writing including news stories, feature columns, op/eds, press releases, poetry, short stories, newsletters… every type of writing you could imagine including romance novels. But I never seriously pursued publication and here is why.
Back in my 20s, I paid $5 to a tarot reader at a psychic fair to read my cards and tell me about my writing future. She told me I would be a successful writer, but that I would not be published “until it was nearly too late.” Since I had battled cancer shortly before that ominous prediction, I think I subconsciously put off my life goal of being a published writer, you know, just in case she was correct.
So here I am, 30 years later, still alive, after battling cancer twice, struggling through a divorce and being a single mom for a few years, going back to school to earn two degrees, raising my two babies, getting married a second time to my true to life hero, working full time as a reporter and editor, working full time most of my life, and then finally focusing on me dream again.
And here it is.
Just One Week Away…

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