Thistle Dew Writers’ Retreats

I’ve had the opportunity to attend the regularly scheduled Thistle Dew Writing Retreats in Remsen. The retreats take place at Thistle Dew, a beautiful 1800s inn turned home turned B&B owned by fellow author and beloved friend, Andrea, and her husband Walt. It is overseen by their silky sweet doggie, Wuffka.

The home consists of the original inn and an updated addition, which combined consists of six bedrooms, an office, a game room, formal living room with two fireplaces, dining room with a walk-in fireplace, a nearly finished attic hideaway, an Adirondack themed den, two and a half baths, and a beautifully renovated kitchen with all the bells and whistles of contemporary living.

Each of the bedrooms have a theme. The three located in the former inn portion of Thistle Dew are The Daffodil Room, The Brass Room, and The Lavender Room. The three located in the newer addition are named The Strawberry Room, which features an all pink “princess” type of feel with three twin beds; The Blue Berry Hill Room, and The Red Room. The attic has recently been made available as a bedroom, and when completed will also provide a writing nook. There is also a cabin for use, and the back porch has become a designated sleeping area for visitors.

My most recent visit began on Friday afternoon, after an emotionally and physically exhausting week. I came in, said hello to everyone and went up to my room to unpack. Two hours later, I emerged thoroughly refreshed and ready to write after an unexpected, but apparently much-needed, nap.

I settled at the dining room table with my friend Molly (MJ Compton) and eventually Kat Morrisey joined us. I work really well with these two women. They are inspiring, motivating, focused, and offer a wellspring of information that leaves me thirsting for more. There seems to be a flow and synchronicity, with periods of silence and intense concentration interspersed with brief chit chat or something humorous, or a Dove Chocolate break when we are hungering for a fortune or bit of wisdom to keep us moving.

We each bring a meal and a dessert or appetizer to exchange throughout the weekend, and so each mealtime one of us is responsible for preparing sustenance to keep us going. This works out perfectly for everyone involved, and keeps the price of the retreat low, and helps us stay anchored without having to leave the premises to find dinner. Walt usually ends the retreat for us with a great breakfast on Sunday. This Sunday we thick Belgian waffles with homemade strawberry syrup. It was yummy.

I’ve learned that Andrea and Walt are now registered on the Air B&B site, and have opened their home up to travelers looking for a country, quiet, getaway. To view their listing, check out

They are located in the quaint town of Remsen, NY, surrounded by acres of lush green lawn, two ponds, and thick forest.

The house is filled with great conversation pieces, antiques, vintage collectables, and lovely décor.

I truly enjoy my time at Thistle Dew. I find the inspirational energy flow from other authors, the good food and snacks, the general atmosphere, and the love and friendship keep my creativity peaking, and my mind focused on the goals I set prior to my arrival.

If you need to get away, whether you are an author or not, you should check out Thistle Dew. You will not be disappointed!


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