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Nurtured by Nature
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Love in the Forest and Life is for Living are the first two books in the Earth and Sky Series to be published by Soul Mate Publishing.

Each story takes place in the fictional village of Demilune, nestled in Upstate New York, based loosely off the actual town of Halfmoon, also in Upstate New York.

There are many Demilune locations mentioned in the books in addition to the main setting of the Earth and Sky Healing Retreat, including a drum shop, a cafe, the local pub, and most importantly, a jewelry shop called Nurtured by Nature.

Nurtured by Nature is the go-to place where locals love to shop for that extra special something for someone you love, and is actually based off an online shop which can be found at Shop Nurtured by Nature on Etsy. Here you will find all kinds of treasures created by the one woman show, Jo. Her designs bring to life the bits and pieces of nature we hold close in our heart when we cannot get out to the mountains to regroup and to just be.

Check out Jo’s online shop on Etsy and gain an entry with a purchase today!

LOVE IN THE FOREST is the pendant Jo has created, inspired by the piece Josh gives Brooke in the my newest release, Love in the Forest. I can’t tell you much more than that because I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Jo has made TWO of these beautiful pendants: one for my purchase, and one for YOU. Yes, you! Everyone who participates in The Wild Scavenger Hunt, earns entries into the raffle which will be drawn in September, 2021.

All you have to do is participate. How many entries you secure is totally up to you, be it 1 or 30!

Download the list of things to do to compete in the The Wild Scavenger Hunt, and start submitting your entries today!

THANK YOU, Jo, for being a part of my amazing journey, for becoming a part of my life, and a part of the Demilune world, and for creating such beautiful treasures for everyone to share. Upstate New York is my heart and soul, and you and your jewelry have a special place there as well.

And thank you, readers for your interest in the stories I tell. You’re going to love EVERYTHING about the
Earth and Sky series!