LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM – May 17, 2023

Earth & Sky Series – Book 3

When Liza finally lets down her guard, she learns that Guinness, near death experiences, and tattoos aren’t all she and Jack have in common. There’s the mind-blowing sex. Oh. And the grandchildren he’s predicted they’ll have one day. Is this guy a creeper or a keeper?

Lose Yourself in the Rhythm of Love.

It’s time to stop hiding.

Liza Minelli Purkypile has spent the last seven years hiding from life after defeating cancer. Left to deal with the emotional, physical, and meta-physical impacts of her battle, Liza’s survival depends on avoiding crowds, not to mention love—until Jack Issa drums his way into her heart.

A lifelong New Yorker, Jack’s spent much of his living, learning, playing, and performing on and around Broadway. No longer able to keep the lead spot with the rave-reviewed percussion performers of THUMP!, Jack retreats to the Adirondacks after a life-altering stage accident leaves his spirit broken.

A chance meeting in the local pub finds Liza and Jack unprepared for what their first touch tells them. Sizzling hot and horny from years of abstinence, both soon find out that they’re totally ready to pick up the beat and lose themselves in the rhythm of love.