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A control-freak single mom and barefoot pagan bachelor
discover some one night stands are meant to last forever.

LIFE IS FOR LIVING/Earth and Sky Series Book 2
by Janina Grey

Single mom Jayde MacMillan does not need the headache of another man in her life, as she devotes her every breath for caring for her two toddler twins, and working full time to give them a stable and happy home.

Daniel Cameron is a free-spirited lover of all things beautiful—including women. He’s perfectly content with drumming around a fire and winding his way barefoot through the forests of upstate New York.

Neither expected to see each other again after a wild and passionate night of lovemaking at a local spring festival. A chance encounter and two precocious toddlers four years later says Fate has other plans for Jayde and Dan.

Some one-night stands are meant to last forever.



When Barefoot Dan walks into Nurtured by Nature Designs in Demilune, NY, he has no idea he’s about to find the lost love of his life he’s been searching for the last four years.
A simple Goddess tattoo on the inside of Lilac Locks’ wrist is all it takes bring the two one-night-stand lovers back into each other’s lives.
But can the differences that kept them apart all these years become the reason to turn their one night stand into the love of a lifetime?

Check out the beautiful ONE OF A KIND pieces of art Jolene Deanna Pierce, owner of the real Nurtured by Nature Designs, creates in real life that served as inspiration for LIFE IS FOR LIVING and LOVE IN THE FOREST.

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Jayde MacMillan was embarrassed, frustrated and at her wits’ end when her rambunctious twin toddlers nearly tipped over the table of a couple sitting nearby them in the Demilune Sandwich shop in Demilune, NY. She was totally horrified when she realized the man was an old flame.

Luckily, he did not recognize her. Whether it was his company, the issue at hand, or the yummy food they serve up at the fave eatery in town can only be determined when you read the book, LIFE IS FOR LIVING, once it is released in E-book format on April 27.

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