Finding Love at Beltane

Life is for Living / Earth & Sky Series Book 2

I love writing about love, there’s no getting around that! But with the Earth and Sky Series, I’ve been able to combine many of my greatest passions—two of them being 1. Soulmates finding soulmates and 2. Walking a Pagan Path.

The Earth & Sky Series was my response to all the witchy fantasy books out there that have witches fighting demons (or sleeping with them) and shooting fire from their fingertips. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works…

My stories depict Pagans living real lives with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure. Here, I introduce people to the concepts of Paganism, dispel a few of the myths, and give a glimpse into a world that truly is magical, filled with love, and just a really happy and healthy place to be.

Beltane, Mabon, Samhain, Yule- these are a few of the celebrations I invite readers to ‘attend’ in my books. Here they get to meet Brooke- a woman who uses messages from dead people to heal the living; Barefoot Dan- a free spirited, nature loving dude who loves tending the flames whether its a real bonfire or the flames of love; Cori- a wiz at Tarot; Jack-who uses runes to help heal and empower; Liza, an empath just discovering her gifts, and many more!

All of them love to dance and drum around the fire, and celebrate life with friends and family.

But it’s Barefoot Dan’s story that begins with Beltane. After accepting an impromptu invitation to a Beltane Celebration, he meets Jayde (aka Lilac Locks), a lilac-haired woman who steals his heart for the night—then disappears at dawn.

Four years later they have another chance encounter and both their worlds get whirled upside down. Is she ready to share the precious gifts of her life she holds so dear? Is he ready to let go of his need to run barefoot and free? Can both of them overcome the demons of their pasts to even try to make this crazy thing called love work?

Check out LIFE IS FOR LIVING, Book 2 of the Earth and Sky Series, and meet Dan and Jayde, Brooke and Josh, the whole Earth & Sky crew, and the team. Also meet Jack and Liza, the lovers featured in my soon to be released third book of the series, LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM. (May 17 release date!)