Deanna Drake’s Photo Album

Hey, everyone! Thanks for visiting my photo album. Life’s been really busy between accounts at Courtney Davis, volunteering, and trying to get a handle on life back on Long Island. It’s difficult to keep in touch with everyone, so I thought I’d share a few photos of my life, and some of the sentimental things that I cherish.Enjoy! ~ Deanna Drake

Drake’s Farmhouse (otherwise known as the Norton Dare House, in Selden)

Here’s my home! This is where I grew up!
Mom and Dad put every penny into the farm,
and by the time Dad passed, the house needed a bit of work. The extensive modeling plans we have will modernize it and will make it a home again. That’s my wish. At least for today.

Fave chair

fave chair
Here’s my favorite chair. I’ve had it forever, or at least since I moved here after Mom passed. 😦
I find great solace in these arms. The only arms I feel comfortable enough falling into at the end of the day.


My apartment

So … here’s my apartment. That’s my living room from before I remodelled, when I first moved in.  I’ll have to update it with a more recent photo soon. But, how about that view?

My Old Stomping Grounds

graffitis bar sign

Can’t believe this is the same bar my parents used to hang out when they were dating. Only then it used to be called The Yacht Club, and it was located right in the heart of Olde Westfield, just across from the best place to by heroes – College Grubs. Here is where me and Cord spent many a night as teens – sinking beers and sinking balls and just loving life on Long Island.

Love my sneakers!

Brooks running shoes1

Check out my new Brooks! I feel like I’m running on clouds!

Drake’s Farm sign.

Feeling kinda homesick.

Drake's FarmHere’s the plaque I’ve got hanging in my apartment over the doors that lead out to my terrace. It may just be a piece of wood, but it reminds me where my heart belongs.

Here’s the McCord gazebo I keep telling you all about.

Jane snapped this picture of me and Cord one night after dinner
just a few weeks before I graduated from Newfield High.
We spent lots of time on this gazebo. Probably too much time.

Southaven Park, Yaphank NY

Walking through this patch of pines is an experience never to be forgotten.
The cool shade of the towering pines, the sweet smell of the thick carpet of pine needles, the blue sky peeking through the canopy, the ducks quacking noisily off in the distance, horses neighing and prancing about their pen, waiting to take to the trails. Southaven has so much to do. Camping, day picnics, horseback riding, kayaking. Or just sitting and thinking.
And being. I recommend it highly, especially surrounded by loved ones.
That’s “THE” bench we sat on when we broke up.
I think we will be making more – happier- memories in the years to come.
We spent many an afternoon feeding the ducks french fries and just talking. That was before things went bad. Before I stopped trusting him. But now it’s hard to remember the bad times, and only the good times keep coming to mind. What is wrong with me?? 😀

LI Sunrise

Sunrise Easter Morning. Glad I brought my phone
so I could snap a pic of this glorious Olde Westfield morning.


Playing Pool at Graffitis

It’s not fair that Cord’s so sexy even when playing pool. NOT. FAIR.