Reality Shift/Planets Aligned! 20170715

First order of Book Tour Books have arrived!

It had been a long day, a busy day, at work.

It was a day of firsts—my daughter’s first day working at the agency where I’ve been for eight years.

It was an emotional day. Her life starting, my life continuing beside her. And the dreadful news of another life ending due to domestic violence. A roller coaster of events and emotions.

On the drive home, with my daughter following behind me, I experienced something I’ve never felt before. At first, I thought I was about to pass out. Reality got thick and woozy around me, like I’d just shifted between dimensions, or like I was about to have an out of body experience. (Yes, I believe in things like that.)

I almost pulled over. But then it passed, and I kept driving.

We got home and we were both so exhausted that we went our respective ways to take power naps before starting dinner. The rest of the evening was normal, as far as normal goes for us.

I made an awesome chicken dish with peppers and cauliflower rice, and pomegranate molasses. Yum! After dinner, David took the trash to the curb while we cleaned up.

When he came back in, he said, “You have to come outside!” and headed for the front porch. I knew he was talking about the moon, this is normal for us. So, I asked Allie to join us (not normal) and we headed for the front porch. That’s not normal either, we usually see Her better from the side deck.

David opened the door and found two packages sitting there, and asked to no one in particular, “What’s this?”

We stared for a moment, trying to recall any purchases made recently (he does most of the buying), and then it hit me.

“My books! My books!” That was all I could muster. He looked at me confused.

“My books!” I pointed, still unable to complete a sentence. Is aid it half a dozen times at least and then I started crying.

“My books are in! My books!”

From behind, Allie Rose told me later that when she saw me crying she thought some precious books I collected (that’s normal, too) had been left outside and had been ruined and she started to panic for me. Sorry, Allie Rose!

David brought the two boxes in and I dropped to my knees. I was torn between opening them and just staring at the boxes.

I placed my hand on one of the boxes and kept it there, eyes closed, feeling the energy, recording this moment in time forever.

My very first order of my published romance novel had arrived.

I borrowed Dave’s knife (another normal thing for us is a big honking knife is always near by). I carefully sliced the packing tape and opened a box filled with paper packaging all crumpled up.

I was so happy they did not use Styrofoam bubbles or plastic bubble wrap. Thank you, Printers!

And then it happened. I picked up a copy of MY BOOK, Ten Bucks and a Wish. My Book. That I WROTE. That I have labored over for years. And now, it was published. In print. And it was mine. Sitting in my office. Published.

I let out a whoop and a holler and gave David and Allie high fives and yelled, “I did it!”

Allie Rose was given a copy, and then I handed one to David and we opened them and leafed through the 340 pages together. I browsed the Dedication, the Acknowledgements, and scanned for errors.

I closed it, and when I opened it to a random page, the first words I saw were, “Thanks, Mom.” It was the scene where Deanna finds canned green beans and potatoes her mother had preserved before she passed. It’s a dish my grandma used to make for us, and a dish my mom made. And it is yummy.

Thanks, Mom. I cried again, reading those words. (See blog about maple trees.)

While I was opening the boxes and leafing through the book, Allie Rose and David were snapping pictures. And when it was all done, we remembered.

“Come outside.” He stood up, and we followed, only this time we went to the side deck, like we always do. He explained that he didn’t know why he went to the front porch, as he had not seen the boxes when taking out the trash, so that was not the reason. If we had gone to the side deck as usual, we wouldn’t have known the books had been delivered.

So there we went to pay homage to Goddess; to give thanks, to make an offering, to honor her. Back deck. Willow Tree. Moon peeking through. The full moon in all her Mother Glory, was brilliant and smiling and lighting up the night. Thanks, Mom. I poured out the mead I had grabbed en route onto the ground before us.

We took pictures. We pulled out our Night Sky app, and David said, “The moon’s in Sagittarius!” (My sign.)

I asked, “What’s that one over there?” And he said, “Jupiter!” That’s my ruling planet. And then he finished, “Jupiter is in Scorpio!” That’s my moon sign.

So then I realized as it all fell into place. I wasn’t going to pass out on my ride home. My planets were aligning. My life was moving from one phase to the next.

My reality had shifted.

Life is a strange and magical journey as long as you stay grounded at the right times, and in tune as much as possible.

Most of all, always remember, life is for living. So live it.

See you all on my book tour!

Moon in Sagittarius!
Jupiter, my ruling planet, in Scorpio – my moon sign!