2019 07 14 Blog

Life lately has been full of abundance. An abundance of social activity; an abundance in chores; an abundance in gardening tasks; an abundance of people who love us; and an abundance of good fortune.

There has also been an abundance of sun! The Sun has been out so much more, so it’s been warm and the valley is lush with vegetation and life. We still have our bits of rain, which has left the Mohawk River very pregnant, and high on the banks, and rushing. And everything smells sweet with summer energy.

Last week, I ordered my promotional items and set up event pages for my upcoming Ten Bucks and a Wish book tour. Those will be coming in the day before we head off to Brushwood to celebrate our sixth anniversary with a few days of camping (or so).

Plans for the book tour are coming along! Seven locations set up, but only 30 books will be available for purchase, so make sure you grab your copy, and get it signed by me!

This morning, David and I checked on our garden, and out of the three cucumbers and two zucchini we had growing, one cuke survived and one zucchini survived. Even though we have reinforced the plot with fencing, something is still getting in and eating our potential harvest. Dozens of stems have been snapped off, so we are not sure what else to do. So even garden thieves are in abundance, it seems!

Another thing in abundance (in addition to all the exclamation marks I’ve used today!) is subscribers to my newsletter and to my Grey’s Groupies! Thank you, everyone, for following me! I promise not to inundate you with nonsense, yet keep you up to date on all the exciting things happening in my life!

You don’t have to wait for a newsletter or blog to find out what’s going on in my life. I’m also on Instagram and Twitter, and Facebook. Pop in and see me when you get the chance. I’d love to hear how your summer is going!

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