2019 07 03 On Camping

Bowman Lake, Oxford, N.Y.

We laughed, napped, and we kayaked. We ate and we drank margaritas and coffee–although not together. We watched bugs crawl around on flowers. We picked wildflowers. We sat in front of a fire and toasted marshmallows. We listened to thunder roll in, then rumble around us and roll away. Two days of blissful nothingness. Two days of do-whatever-we-want-with-no-cellphones-or-email-or-facebook to pull us into reality.

We filled every moment with . . . nothing and with everything we wanted to do, and if that everything included nothing, we did it.

But the best thing we did this past weekend was make memories.
So remember, grab the simple moments when you can.
Life is for living, so live it.

Kayaking with the love of my life.
It was a beautiful day, with just a sprinkling of clouds to cool us off now and then.
Kayaking with my sister and two nephews.
Watching my nephew hone his primitive fire-building skills was inspiring.
He even made a bow-drill from wood!
The shore was lined with wildflowers.
I even got some writing time in!
My ultimate hero.
Decades-old tradition.

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