Update on Ten Bucks & a Wish!

This week I spent time creating the cover for Ten Bucks and a Wish! The Cover artist from Soul Mate, Cheryl, sent me the first draft. It brought it all home to me! I’m so excited!

The process began a few months ago when I was asked to fill out a form regarding what I envisioned my cover to look like. I described it the best way I could.

So this week I was asked to pick out images that mentioned in the form. I was directed to a page where I could peruse all kinds of photos based on the description I entered. I found Deanna’s house! And I found a New York skyline that I really like and think will go well on the cover.

I can’t believe this is actually happening. 🙂

Another lifelong dream to check off my bucket list!

Casey’s Place

I’ve started working on my next novel, Casey’s Place. It’s a two-part paranormal love story touching upon the concept of reincarnation, that begins in the 1930s and provides the always-anticipated and always-delivered happily-ever-after 80 years later, in the 2010s.
Gerbers Tavern is one of the main settings of Casey’s Place. I invite you all to check it out.

Gerbers 1933 Tavern in Utica

Gerbers01David and I did an impromptu history tour of the Psych Center in Utica, NY last night. Afterwards, we stopped at a friend’s tavern, Gerbers 1933 Tavern, in Utica, for dinner and a couple drinks.

Gerbers is a great hometown feel kind of pub, with a few signature dishes they have honed to perfection, and a great selection of beer, wine, and drinks.

It’s also the setting for my next novel, Casey’s Place, which I am currently working on.

Casey’s Place is set in the 1930s, and is a paranormal love story that tells the tale of two lovers torn apart by time and tragedy, and brought together by love and fate for their happily ever after.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out Gerbers 1933 Tavern, in Utica.